Serves 4-6
Prep time 30 minutes
Meal type Appetizer, Dessert
Misc Serve Cold
Occasion Birthday Party, Casual Party, Christmas, Formal Party


  • 1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • 2 Tbs All-purpose flour
  • 4 Each Egg yolks
  • 1 1/4 Cup Whole milk
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 3 ounces Marzipan
  • 1/3 Cup Granulated sugar
  • 1 3/4 Cup Slivered almonds
  • 12 Ounces Fresh Strawberries, washed, quartered
  • 1 Tbs Light brown sugar
  • 1/2 Cup Heavy cream, whipped


Step 1 In a medium bowl, whisk together sugar, flour and egg yolks until thick and smooth, 3 to 5 minutes.
Step 2 In a medium pot, bring the milk and vanilla bean to a gentle boil. Pour about half of the milk mixture over the eggs whisking constantly. Pour the whole mix back into the pot and place the pot back over low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, until the mixture thickens, 3 to 5 minutes. Note: you must stir this mixture constantly, scraping the bottom as you stir, so the flour doesn't stick to the bottom and burn.
Step 3 Remove the pot from the stove and whisk in the marzipan. Pour the mixture onto a baking sheet lined with plastic wrap and cover it with a coating of plastic wrap. Place the tray in the refrigerator to cool.
Step 4 In a medium skillet over low heat, melt the granulated sugar. Spray a tray with a light coating of nonstick spray. Spray the end of a wooden spoon as well. When the sugar turns light brown, add the almonds and stir to coat them with the sugar. Spoon the almonds on to the baking sheet and sprinkle lightly with salt.
Step 5 When the almond cream has cooled, remove and discard the vanilla bean and place the pastry cream in a medium bowl. Whisk until it is smooth. In another medium bowl, toss the strawberries and brown sugar together.
Step 6 Place 4 to 6 glasses on a flat surface. Begin by spooning a thin layer of almond cream in the bottom of each. Sprinkle with a few almonds. Add a layer of the whipped cream. Top with a layer of strawberries. Repeat the layers until the glasses are full. Refrigerate for a while before serving or enjoy immediately.
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    • You’re not sick and twisted, the hubby and I are addicted to LOST too! There’s all these different websites with crazy theory’s about “the island” and and what not! We watch it every week! 🙂

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    • TamarGood luck to Julian! I hope surgery goes as easy as possible. Also, I’m sure you know that kids that walk early end up even thinner, because they burn so much energy… so don’t get worried if he becomes thin and packed with muscle. He is so adorable, the ‘walking’ video is just fantastic.

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    • Ronnie writes: “I have yet to receive a serious response to my book or my challenges from a Calvinist.”Well, this surely makes me want to read his book because I have yet to read a compelling case against Calvinism. And it is not that I haven’t tried to find one. Not two weeks ago in fact I read “Getting the Gospel Right: A Balanced View of Salvation Truth”. 90% of the book was an attack on Calvinism, but it still fell short in my thinking. We’ll have to see if Ronnie’s book is better.

    • I agree with people when I say I would like a like it button. I want to tell people I like their work without adding it to my favorites. I may like it but not like it enough to favorite it. I am all for this design, but I hope you guys are willing to make that small compromise for us users. Also, it bothers me that I can't see a rating of how many people like something and dislike something. How will I know if what I am about to watch is good or not? Sometimes I like to be able to avoid bad videos.

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    • Gracias, Esther, por tu sabiduría musical (lo que apunta directamente a nuestra [mi] ignorancia). Y por la indicación sobre la inscripción de las musas;forzosamente, tiene que ser acogedor el lugar.

    • Thanks, Michelle. Me too! I think any mom learns to tune out on some level. I remember many times as a child having to ask my mom the same thing several times before getting a response. I definitely take after her ~ lol.

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    • Danny de Gracia has had the best article yet on this subject. Yes, the media is slowly coming around to Gary Johnson because they don't want to be caught with their pants down when Gary Johnson springs up in the polls despite the fact the media has largely ignored him for months. Gary Johnson is very energetic and he is showing up all over the country and speaking a lot of common sense to Americans everywhere. He was certainly the right choice for this job.

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    • comme je te comprends…parfois si frustrant de n’avoir que 24h dans une journée!Tes croquis sont toujours aussi bien trempés qu’à l’habituée…Un plaisir de venir sur ton blog!

    • I LOVE Club. I would’ve never bought it myself whether I saw it in the store or not but when I took a makeup course, this was included in the palette we ordered. The first I used it, I fell head over heels. Now it’s one of my favorite go-to shades.

    • Oh, on Robert Graves: There is of course a Sousa march for any occasion, so I have just cued up "The Royal Welch Fusiliers."Curiously, they have a relationship with the USMC going back to the Siege of Peking, which is of course why Sousa composed it.

    • Av nÃ¥gon anledning jag inte känner till, är salafi väldigt populärt hos svenska konvertiter. Kommit i kontakt med minst 4 tjejer och dÃ¥ letar jag inte.NÃ¥gon aning om hur det kommer sig?

    • J'adore les crêpes mille trous, avec le thé des vahinés (un de mes coups de coeur du Palais des thés!) ça doit être divin! très jolie photo 🙂

    • Oh João, o Nacional vs Naval tb foi adiado.Afoga-te em estrume mais essa mania da perseguição.Já agora: lindo camalões que andam por aqui. Mas faz sentido sendo tu também do Sporting. Que querem? Numa equipa satélite do Porto estas coisas acontecem.

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    • hi danni!! thanks for including the pumpkins from my flavors to follow: pumpkin post!! 😀 martha never fails, she is amazing haha! i am currently swooning over fingerless gloves, scarves and boots right now! oh and wire hangers with names on it, saw some on etsy hehe!! 😀

    • You are doing a great job and I know that it can be frustrating looking back. But don’t be too hard on yourself – you’ve had A LOT going on and huge changes recently. Keep doing what you doing and focus on one day at a time.

    • Panait Victor e mirajul victorasilor . )))el Victor, Ponta tot Victor ha ha haunul mincinos, altul mitoman . Faina prietenie la catarama intre cei ce se asamana Victorel-plagiatorelsi Sovarica diploma mica. ))))))))))))))

    • aww you two are always soo adorable with each other…LOVE your outfit to pieces!!!!! Thank god that seller didn't come through!You look great as always!xosincerely,

    • SQUEE!I came home to a parcel of joy this afternoon! THANK YOU,MY DARLING!!!!Heavenly 70's secretary chic!!!I love,love,LOVE this!The coat really sexes it up,but o,the lines!MMMMMMMM.tapas!Yummo,don't get that very often;such a fabulous way to eat!Seldom Seen Child is awesome.How could he not be,with Darth Vader as his Dad?! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!Love to love you baby!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • rafael taira disse:Pra mim o que é mais importante que Gráficos é a JOGABILIDADE. Se vc não consegue jogar direito vc não consegue se divertir direito.Gráficos alguns casos são ferramentas de embelezamento do jogo,mas a essencia do jogo está na maneira de jogá-lo.

    • BillyHey Brian I loved this story, I can picture this girl and just have to smile, there is not wonder why Jesus tells us over and over that we must become like little children to enter the kingdom. I personally have learned sooo much about the heart and charactor of God by watching small children.

    • This is a great post about the importance of being prepared for a rainy day (so to speak). I’m curious, though, about the suggestion to avoid a hot toddy before bed for fear of upsetting the body’s thermo-regulation. When you say “hot toddy” do you specifically mean an alcoholic beverage, or ANY hot beverage (such as mulled cider, hot chocolate, tisane, or for that matter, soup)?

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    • Sonya, Vickie, Don and Family: So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful lady. I remember the many hours spent at your house growing up and especially you Moms gravy, (Must have been made with lard/crisco). Love to your whole family at this sad time.Love always, Dennis and Bonnie Kobs

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    • agora vai ser preciso comprar mais umas chaimites,uns F16,uns misseizitos etc para combater essa grande ameaça ao exercito,esses terroristas desses comentadores…estes tipos são do mais ridiculo,que já se viu.

    • She is isn’t she! How wonderful to have such a model for devotion to the Blessed Mother in your own grandmother. I bet both those lovely ladies are very special to you!

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    • With every single one of these projects, I have measured, marked, checked with a level, held the item up, checked to see if it lined up with the marks, put the level on the item to make sure it’s level. I even used the toothpaste technique!

    • 10 Ray – Here are the usage rates for the Lakers key rotation players. For future reference, you can find these kind of things on the newest of the Truehoop blogs, Bryant – 34.31Brown – 22.75Gasol – 21.63Odom – 19.26Bynum – 19.14Barnes – 16.78Walton – 14.64Fisher – 12.63Blake – 11.54

    • Nie przystoi tak konstruktywnej debaty naukowej rozrabiacko rozsadzać od środka narkotykami. Oj, nie uchodzi, nie uchodzi wyrządzać Panu Urbanowi takiej krzywdy, toż byłaby to wielka przykrość, gdyby zamiast obecnej tu strawy intelektualnej, musiał obcować z narkotycznymi zwidami. Adam Barycki

    • Kafka mit Pastewka hätte mich auch interessiert, ist aber leider schon ausverkauft. Irgendwie bin ich immer zu spät :/ Aber vielleicht finde ich noch was anderes…Viel Spaß!

    • I tend to make my own soups but I think I might have had one of these years ago, and had completely forgotten about. They are all natural too so I’ll definitely be getting some to put in the cupboard. That has to be the cutest salt and pepper set. I don’t really use a lot of salt and pepper but I always add it to cheese and tomato cruskits. Yum. Might have to make that for lunch now . If only I had some of that soup to go with it…..

    • Great to hear from you here again… RPT is accelerating the evolution of human consciousness, and having just had a baby, that’s closer to my heart than ever.Love, Ben[]Renee Hawkins Reply:January 7th, 2011 at 4:40 pmCongratulations Ben. Having a baby changes EVERYTHING- You finally get to really feel and know what unconditional love is all about. Love and Light to you, your partner and precious angel.[]

    • Sorry dude, but you are absolutely wrong. 1000 respondents is the minimum point at which results can be interpreted as having statistical significance. There is actually no such thing as a random sample, as whatever method is used will introduce some form of bias – hence the requirement for a larger the sample size, to iron out any anomalies accidently introduced. The survey is statistically sound, as are the results. Just because you don't like the truth, doesn't stop it from being the truth. How about dealing with the issue instead of ignoring it and trying to shoot the messenger?

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    • top of all of that there was the issue with the doctor telling me not to run anymore or I would need surgery sooner rather than later to put myself back together again having used

    • When husbands are away… And before I read this, I wrote the account of my fabulous solo trip to Chuck E. Cheese for my entry this week. It goes live tomorrow and I hope no one thinks I copied…

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    • I’m halfway through this and not really enjoying it. I’m all for a bit of silliness but some really unconvincingly implausible events at the start really put me off. Even silliness needs to have some level of plausibility for me. I think the narration in the audio is putting me off a bit also. The narration is bed-time-story child like and grating.Funnily enough I enjoyed Harold Fry more. Maybe narration had a lot to do with it also. There’s no comparison between Jim Broadbent and the other guy. I might be more careful with the audio preview in future.

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    • The dolls and quilts all look fabulous! I especially like the baby quilt – you can't go wrong with a colour combination of red, white & blue! 🙂

    • Ooooh, I would have bought them too! I use them in everything as blenders, they match so many different fabrics, but don't quite look like a solid. Mix them in with your projects, you will love them 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing the comparison chart. I really like the Babywise point on sleep positioning. It is thought by some that the off gasing in a crib mattress could actually be a cause of SIDS, which would explain why back sleeping could reduce it. My family thinks I’m crazy, but we are planning on purchasing an all organic mattress that will cost more than the crib.

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    • The social network bug has bitten everyone. I want to enter my mom into the Spotlight a mom contest! I’m going to try and find 1-800 flowers on twitter now. You are absolutely right Brian about the context of an offer for marketers. Brands that listen are brands that grow. 1-800 flowers is on top of it.

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    • Who cares about Santorum or any of the other Repubs, if Obama is allowed on the ballot, our Constitution is dead. I'm not even going to waste my time and vote. If these Repubs can't be trusted with calling out an ineligible usurper, I don't trust them with anything else.

    • that judge (if it is true)should mind his own business and stop making this country a extremist conservative country by controlling the internet like this the govt cannot do this. It makes me sick.

    • también te deseo que tengas una gran semana… la casa es maravillosa.. a mí me está diciendo "ven, ven".. por lo que sea parece que ahí dentro ni hay problemas.. ni preocupaciones, sino que me van a mimar (qué bonito es soñar ;)besos

    • Vad har ni för kamera och vad är det för objektiv?Jag har ju kitobjektivet 18-55 mm till Canon som ni fÃ¥r köpa av mig om det är sÃ¥ att ni har Canon och erat skulle gÃ¥ sönder. Givetvis om det är det objektivet ni vill ha ocksÃ¥ Mitt är hur som helst knappt använt. Emilie hade min gamla kamera ett tag när Rasmus var nyfödd och det är i princip enbart dÃ¥ det suttit pÃ¥ kameran

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    • My daughter is 6 and I’m not sure when I would buy something like that. It does become necessary at some point because computers are such an integral part of our lives. I just don’t want the laptop to lead to isolation for our kids. We have so much fun with them now and I think that keeping them engaged is our insurance they won’t be cooped up in their rooms away from us. I’m sure that time will come…

    • I didn’t see the play so I am assuming that he never had possession of the ball before fumbling. He did have every right to catch the ball and advance it so he must not have actually had possession long enough to constitute a completion.

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    • rll, take it from me – i'll bet she is really enjoying those flowers. how can someone not enjoy something like that. it's been so great to see new things popping up every week.thanks for coming on by!!lenore, thanks sweetie!

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    • That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. You try and take the job to seriously, or make your employees take it to seriously, they end up not caring about the job. Instead of putting in the necessary amount of seriousness and focus, people end up rebelling and being the slackers you see at McDonald’s. If they accepted that they are a fast food company, and didn’t expect more devotion to the job than is necessary, the employees would care more. It would be more relaxed and therefore do a better job.

    • Eduarda Herrera, August 8, 2012 at 4:51 pm I love coming here with my son! He always has the best time in the world, and his favorite thing to do, the go-karts, are always available. He’s even won a few races! It may not be the best place in all of Houston, but it’s the best for kids to have a day of fun!

    • Arty, As VJ has mentioned, Anush looks like a kutti paapa in this attire and pose! Drishti sutthi podunga..In this age and time, when most of the children padduthify for eating food, Anush seems non fussy.

    • (Same tongue! )Sobs….SOBS….(Crying)Why u remind me of Kim Loong…I was really sad that time when Kim Loong closed down! bcuz thats the place that cooked GOOD hokkien mee in town ! May be now the one good I found is Ang’s Hotel, but again, need to wait like 30 minutes Plus for a plate? i bo tahan la

    • Mat pagi,boleh kenalan ya..! ma kasih ya…. ada materi yang baik untuk menambah ilmu ku dan bantu aku buat tugas aku, dari yang aku baca, Aku mau tanya apakah Karya Ilmiah termasuk dalam Hak Cipta?Mohon jawabannya di email aku..

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    • For the record, I have not been banned anywhere else. The answer to the question that I posed to FS is apparently “no” he does not have any internal filters. …and “yes” he is a petty little man.

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    • No 10 – leaving an advert for your book on my Facebook page without asking first. Don't be surprised to find I've deleted your post…. (by the way, I do use an automated response to followers who follow me on Twitter, but I clearly state its automated & most people follow me first, not vice versa. I think as long as you are up-front about these things)

    • Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

    • Ich kann dir die weisse Polenta wirklich wärmstens empfehlen. Schmeckt auch ohne Gewürze und Käse einfach toll. Vorausgesetzt, man mag weisse Pampe.. ;-)Liebe Grüsse zurück

    • While I agree with most all of what you have to say in this posting … if Perot had not dropped out over his daughters wedding threats and then trying to get back in the race, he may have had a very good chance of winning.Only time will tell in 2012. Most of America would like to try something different.

    • Oviously they don't think that teenagers have the same privacy rights as adults do. However court cases over time have found in favor of minors, declaring that minors do, indeed, share all the same rights granted to adults by local, state, and the Federal governments' laws. If this case were brought, the teenagers would win. And I'm glad!

    •     J’ai vu ce film et aussi je l’ai montré à mes élèves. Ils ont bien aimé. Moi j’apprecie beaucoup les habits et la façon de parler. Par exemple la conversation entre Numérobis et la dame : malgré sa colère elle reste polie.

    • Ik had nog een lekkere parfumolie (een dupe van Lush), dus die heb ik gebruikt. Maar volgende keer maak ik een mixje van: kaneel, citroen, roos en ylang ylang. Hopelijk is het wat! Moet het nog eens testen 🙂

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    • Chào DÆ°Æ¡ng. Em chuẩn bị đầy đủ hồ sÆ¡ theo đúng nhÆ° hÆ°á»›ng dẫn hồ sÆ¡ và ná»™p kèm bảng Ä‘iểm có xác nhận của trường ĐH em đã học trÆ°á»›c đó. Nhà trường sẽ xem xét quyết định việc miá»…n giảm cho em 1 số môn học chung có trong chÆ°Æ¡ng trình học của FPT Polytechnic mà em đã học trÆ°á»›c đó.

    • You say "… more than 99% of the world’s terror attacks are committed by Muslims who fight jihad in the name of Allah, Mohammed and the religion he founded …"How would you back that up? I made that claim in discussion with a liberal friend who challenged me on it, and I found that I could not show evidence that it was true, either for worldwide attacks or attacks on US targets."

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    • We Gotta Get Out of This Place; Detroit City (I Wanna Go Home); The Pusher; Let It Be; I Want You (She’s So Heavy); Oh, Darlin’, had an impact for different reasons and needs, certainly. There were others, of course, but that’s a start.

    • “. . . jobs come first, leading to a more robust economy . . . “But in actual fact, jobs do not come first. Jobs are derivative. That’s why unemployment keeps dropping, dropping, dropping after a recession ends, then suddenly, when we have a recession, unemployment zooms up. Employers tend to fire people after business has begun to turn bad.

    • Merci Anonyme.Comme j’ai déjà dit, le 24 avril j’avais lu dans le « Check-list » ce titre : « Plan d’1 md d’€ d’aides pour les jeunes ». Je ne sais pas si c’est comme ça que Sarkozy l’a annoncé ou il s’agit d’un mélange de djeun et SMS ou, pour finir, une sorte de réplique à l’affiche du film « Coco avant Chanel » et le sujet du billet de ce jour. En tout cas, cela m’a semblé bizarre.

    • IT's all right, but WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE NEW LAYOUT!?!Please PLEASE change it back! No one who I know likes it, it's fairly messy, and everything's hidden. Easyer to use?My A**. Pleease change it back. Thank you.(By the way, I'm sure about 90% of the rest of youtube agree with me.)

    • How is it that every time they showed Eli on the bench tonight, his expression could always be read as “durrrrrrrrrrrr”? Did they lobotomize everything except the football part of his brain somehow? Maybe. Is this the after effect of a concussion? Possibly. Did he somehow get to third base with his wife finally? WE MAY NEVER KNOW!

    • Minä kannatan myös tuota vaihtoa/lainaa/tmv. Olen äärimmäisen onnellinen, kun ystäväni antoi minulle "hoitoon" nojatuolin, jota olin jo pitkään katsellut hänen luonaan "sillä silmällä". Oven maalipinta on makea!

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    • Qualcuno mi spiega cosa vuol dire maggior libertà?Perchè oggi si è “liberi” di fare certe cose e non “liberi” di fare altre cose e quarda “CASO”, quello che era giusto fare una volta ora viene negato (quindi non si è liberi di farlo, è politicamente poco corretto oppure “antico”), per quello che era vietato viene coniata la frase “Una maggiore libertà non può che far bene”.

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    • I like your mom, Neil. And I like the bond that you share with her. You’re very lucky, and so is she. But I guess you both knew that already, huh?BTW, were these messages on your phone or over email?

    • something like “not sure if like to play games, or just collect them.” I’m currently 57+ games behind on my backlog. Although a lot are steam games, that’s still too much considering I beat a ton and also watch a lot of shows as well.

    • “I found the video kinda problematic at a meta-level… [snip]”This video always got under my nerves for some reason and I think you’ve articulated exactly why. Thank you for that.

    • My sincerest condolences…But then again, that means you have the opportunity to enjoy Fairy Tail anime in its fullest XD. After being a translator for so long, I got most of my pleasures in watching animes taken away >.<

    • I completed my challenge already, but the prize was not that cool. I wanted this for my backyard, not the map. I don’t even like the map. It should let you put this in your yard OR on your map.

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    • Alice,Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad to hear that this body of knowledge is resonating so deeply with you and that you are able to implement pieces of it into your own life and practice – how inspiring! May you continue to touch lives and help people awaken…Warmly,Marc David

    • Bonjour,Je suis nouveau venu (au reflex) et aussi sur ce site que j’ai consulté quelques fois et que je trouve très instructif. Mon matériel : Canon 60d + 17-85 is usm f4:5.6 et 70-300 is usm.Je viens de commander le Canon 17-55 2.8 is usm. Mes photos : famille, nature, quelques fois des musées.Ma question est la suivante : est-il intéressant pour moi de conserver le 17-85 ?Merci de votre attention et encore bravo pour ce site.

    • BD-"That, Field, is where we've got ol' Thomas all wrong. He's not black!He's a white man in blackface."Yes. That is the truth. But he is not just ANY white man in blackface. He is a white man in blackface who abhors black people. It is a restless state of mind and heart that is bothered by the very 'existence' of Black Americans. There ARE such people in black skin, although few in number. Unfortunately, Clarence Thomas is at a level of government where his vote will always be a threat to the rights of Blacks.A+

    • HELP us U.S. military stand up and own up to your Oaths remove the Usurper from the White House…Protect "OUR" country…..I am losing faith in our military

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    • Remember that government workers are above the law in Nigeria. Also, do what I say and not what I do. Most top governmental officials in Nigeria have their own way of showing patriotism by defying the norm. Jonathan, shouldn’t have asked ministers to pretend that they believe in a course or emblem.

    • I frequently write with a series in mind, but rarely let my blog readers know that the post they are reading is in a series. Now I am arranging them with a helpful blog series post, AND I put up a little sidebar “advertisement” about them. We’ll see how it goes.

    • ! Pero, bueno… ! ¿ ES QUE NO HAY NINGUN ASTRÓNOMO EN ESTE FORO..?Disculpe Vd., Sr. Xoco, ya, ya lo sé, lo de las mayúsculas…¿ Qué es lo que sucede en éste video ? velocidad, trayectoria, etc, qué cósa es… ?

    • I actually noticed that the letters skipped were not always the same. Sometimes it was J, and other times it was I, and towards the end sometimes it skipped U and other times it skipped V. I thought it was a very strange pattern but I’m not sure what it may mean.

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    • I love this post and the spiritual implications. I had to quit drinking EVERYTHING but water we found out about low fluid and all. I wasn't allowed to have anything caffinated or decafinated that could lead to any amount of dehydration. Water it was and a TON of it i was commanded to drink. 5 months later i feel great! I even told JK i don't think i will start drinking soda or coffee again after she is born. I feel that good. Keep with it! It's worth it!

    • over at started a 10-day series called 10 things for 10 days in which she is giving us a peek into her brain. What goes on in there? Well. we are about to find […]

    • scha dit :triste!!le plaisir et toujours le plaisir!! et les gens ne s’entourent pas de toutes les garanties nécessaires pour éviter les grossesses indésirées!!! moi, je dis faute à eux-mêmes (la défunte et son amant) et responsabilité de l’Etat par rapport à la prolifération de ces établissements sanitaires non conformes

    • Eek sounds like you had a rough week too!! Congrats on the part!! Excited for you!!Hope you have a great holiday. Maybe we got all the kinks out for the weekend early

    • > De toute façon, que risques-tu ? Juste de regarder une série à la télévision.Euh… Non. A moins de déménager de l'autre côté de la Manche.France 4 diffuse la série, mais c'est juste une immense blague… (Je juge d'après dix secondes de la VF trouvées sur Youtube, juste insupportables, et par les DVD, qui n'ont pas les épisodes de Noël O_o et même pas de VO sur la troisième saison o_O )

    • P.T. Interesting observations that you have made here. However, I must correct you. I haven’t attacked a nice person, a bad person or any person. On this post, Brian’s Blog is simply asking a qusetion, not attacking anyone. Kelvin certainly understands the nature of being in the eye of the public and questions being raised about someones choice of words used in legislative testimony.

    • Love seeing that Smile! You all continue to be in our prayers. My kids are praying for her every chance they get. I love their sweet hearts and the concern that they are showing her and you guys.

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    • Ta comparaisson dans ton dernier commentaire n’est pas opportum ou réaliste.La création de la GLAMF n’est que la conséquence d’un vote arrangé par Stifani, en octobre 2010, pour lui permettre de conserver son pouvoir.Avec une vraie élection, il aurait été démis et la page aurait été tournée.Concernant, la bande à Fillon, elle essaie aussi de s’opposer à un vote trafiqué!Je pense que tu es dans le mauvais camp mais peut petre que mon interprétation n’est pas la bonne

    • Ã…Ã¥, beställde du ALLA böcker? Jag hoppade en av dem (En övärdig dotter, eller nÃ¥t sÃ¥nt hette den). Jag har bloggsida = wordpress pÃ¥ svenska. Men det verkar krÃ¥ngligt att flytta med allt till den nya… eller?

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    • EBT card perhaps not much longer, in Will county IL just south of Chitown a FOIA request found that the case workers for the Dept. of Child & Family Services make between 80,000 and 90,000 per year.

    • btw – Judiasm is a religion not a race period. Those ‘books’ you speak of were Nazi propoganda. I will not give one more second to this. You are on the wrong blog.

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    • non je pense qu’ils assument bien ce hit, quand ils l’ont joué au Hellfest c’était la grosse fiesta dans le public. Ils en ont même fait une belle version acoustique sur le live "Allmost Unplugged".

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    • I like the hair too – too many people around here try it & just end up looking like they dunked part of their head in bleach. The mix of colors in yours loooks much more 'on purpose.'Q – how do you get Michelle to cut your bangs/fringe like that? I have been unable to convince any hairdresser around here to go uneven, choppy & short in front – I usually do it myself after getting the rest cut at the salon. Maybe if I take your picture in too!

    • MHarper – Happy New Year to you too! I’m looking forward to visiting your site this year and seeing all of your beautiful photographs. You have a wonderful gift.

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