A common question I get from clients is “how many keywords should I use in my blog posts?” While I can appreciate the desire to understand search engine optimization, it shouldn’t be your primary focus when blogging. For one thing, trying to produce copy around a list of search phrases will result in a boring (and sometimes illegible) article…unless your a highly skilled writer.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging is a key factor in search engine optimization and ensuring you have the right mix of keywords in your post is very improtant. However, the focus should be first and foremost on quality content. Blogging is a conversation you should be having with prospects, not Google.

The number one question I should be getting is “how can I increase the number of times my blog is shared?” After all, the ultimate goal of your blogging effort is to get more people to your website.

The simple answer is, write compelling, informative and entertaining content. The hard part is writing compelling, informative and entertaining content. One way to do this is to tell a story, preferably in the first person. The First person voice helps the reader connect with you. It also increases the likelyhood that they will engage in the conversation and leave a comment.

Another way to increase content sharing is the relatively new concept of “paying with a like.”  If you’re a WordPress user it’s as easy as installing the plugin by WPMUDev. Here’s how it works: Your headline and the first paragraph or two are displayed, but in order to continue reading the visitor must like or tweet the article in order to unlock the remaining content. This is a very effective way to ensure your blog post is shared. Of course, the headline and excerpt must be compelling enough to entice them to want to continue reading…AND IT MUST DELIVER. There will be an expectation that the hidden section is valuable. If you don’t deliver on that promise you lose credibility. One piece of advice: Don’t use this feature on every article you write. Being selective will make it more valuable to the reader.


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1,081 Responses to Content Sharing: the Holy Grail of Online Marketing

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    The series of conversations with the Warsaw Ghetto survivors was conducted to commemorate the 76 th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising that falls on the 19th of April.

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    The series of conversations with the Warsaw Ghetto survivors was conducted to commemorate the 76 th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising that falls on the 19th of April.

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    The Portuguese road Prevention agency (PRP) has this week called for more and improved traffic stops in Portugal. The agency has also deemed current actions by law enforcement officials as ineffective in dealing with the majority of serious traffic offences.

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    The Portuguese road Prevention agency (PRP) has this week called for more and improved traffic stops in Portugal. The agency has also deemed current actions by law enforcement officials as ineffective in dealing with the majority of serious traffic offences.

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    Rai News: il primo canale all news italiano. Scopri le ultime notizie in tempo reale. News e aggiornamenti su politica, cronaca, esteri, economia, sport e attualita.

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    French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed a panel of experts to investigate France’s actions during the Rwandan genocide 25 years ago on April 7.

    Macron has also met representatives of a group of survivors in. Paris

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    Despite residing in Germany for nearly 30 years, there are still some things I cannot wrap my mind around. I may have married a German, pay German taxes, and have German(-American) children, but I guess my US mentality still shines through.

    Like when it comes to personal space. I’ll be standing in the supermarket, in front of a shelf full of products, deliberating over the selection, and inevitably a hand will slip itself in front of my face and grab an item from the row. Many Germans seem to not have any qualms about this at all, but it still takes me aback sometimes.

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    Despite residing in Germany for nearly 30 years, there are still some things I cannot wrap my mind around. I may have married a German, pay German taxes, and have German(-American) children, but I guess my US mentality still shines through.

    Like when it comes to personal space. I’ll be standing in the supermarket, in front of a shelf full of products, deliberating over the selection, and inevitably a hand will slip itself in front of my face and grab an item from the row. Many Germans seem to not have any qualms about this at all, but it still takes me aback sometimes.

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    A court has ruled that the building is illegal, and the €57 million ($64 million) Chateau Diter will now have to be knocked down.
    Property developer Pierre Diter, who owns the chateau in the town of Grasse, in Southern France, has 18 months to raze the building and faces a fine of €200,000 ($226,000), Pierre-Jean Gaury, attorney general at the court of appeal in Aix-en-Provence, told CNN.
    “Patrick Diter was accused of having executed important works on a land without authorization,” said Gaury.

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    A court has ruled that the building is illegal, and the €57 million ($64 million) Chateau Diter will now have to be knocked down.
    Property developer Pierre Diter, who owns the chateau in the town of Grasse, in Southern France, has 18 months to raze the building and faces a fine of €200,000 ($226,000), Pierre-Jean Gaury, attorney general at the court of appeal in Aix-en-Provence, told CNN.
    “Patrick Diter was accused of having executed important works on a land without authorization,” said Gaury.

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    Christina was born in the royal castle Tre Kronor on 18 December [O.S. 8 December] 1626. Her parents were the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus and his German wife, Maria Eleonora, had already had two daughters—a stillborn princess in 1620, and then the first Princess Christina, who was born in 1623 and died the following year.[note 3] Excited expectation surrounded Maria Eleonora’s third pregnancy in 1626. When the baby was born, it was first thought to be a boy as it was “hairy” and screamed “with a strong, hoarse voice.”she later wrote in her autobiography that, “Deep embarrassment spread among the women when they discovered their mistake.” The king, though, was very happy, stating, “She’ll be clever, she has made fools of us all!”[16] From most accounts, Gustav Adolf appears to have been closely attached to his daughter, and she appears to have admired him greatly.

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    On how she landed on her direction in life:

    “I always knew I was meant to be working in art, I just never knew how. In school, was so confused and always switched my majors around. In 2015, I decided to take a break from school to help out at home and that’s when I discovered my passion for fashion illustration. I drew/a> an illustration of Jhene Aiko and she liked it on Instagram. It kind of grew from there.”

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    On how she landed on her direction in life:

    “I always knew I was meant to be working in art, I just never knew how. In school, was so confused and always switched my majors around. In 2015, I decided to take a break from school to help out at home and that’s when I discovered my passion for fashion illustration. I drew/a> an illustration of Jhene Aiko and she liked it on Instagram. It kind of grew from there.”

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    Trump was surrounded at Friday’s event by officials from Customs and Border Protection as well as surviving family members of those who have loved ones killed by undocumented immigrants. Attorney General William Barr was also at the President’s veto event.
    While some lawmakers including some Republicans — have argued against the President’s use of national emergency powers in this instance, the Justice Department set forth a robust defense of the President’s authority to do so in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier this month, according to a copy obtained by CNN on Friday.
    “The President acted well within his discretion in declaring a national emergency concerning the southern border,” wrote Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, setting out the legal basis for the proclamation under the National Emergencies Act and additional statutory authorities, which largely tracks an internal memo issued by the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department.

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    Los Blancos, with captain Sergio Ramos suspended after deliberately collecting a yellow card in the first leg, had been looking to build on a slender 2-1 lead from that game in Amsterdam and stay on course for a potential fourth straight European triumph.

    However, after Raphael Varane’s header rattled the crossbar, Ajax raced into an early lead through Hakim Ziyech before Dusan Tadic set up David Neres for a second in the 18th minute.
    Real Madrid were forced into two changes when Lucas Vazquez and Vinicius Junior went off injured, with substitute Gareth Bale hitting the post just before half-time.

    Ajax looked to have put the tie to bed when Tadic swept in a brilliant third goal just after the hour – which was eventually given following an extensive Video Assistant Referee review to check if the ball had gone out of play in the build-up.

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    Los Blancos, with captain Sergio Ramos suspended after deliberately collecting a yellow card in the first leg, had been looking to build on a slender 2-1 lead from that game in Amsterdam and stay on course for a potential fourth straight European triumph.

    However, after Raphael Varane’s header rattled the crossbar, Ajax raced into an early lead through Hakim Ziyech before Dusan Tadic set up David Neres for a second in the 18th minute.
    Real Madrid were forced into two changes when Lucas Vazquez and Vinicius Junior went off injured, with substitute Gareth Bale hitting the post just before half-time.

    Ajax looked to have put the tie to bed when Tadic swept in a brilliant third goal just after the hour – which was eventually given following an extensive Video Assistant Referee review to check if the ball had gone out of play in the build-up.

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    • Eu amo Linkin Park , tipo , seria um sonho ver eles de perto, é só a CLIP dá essas oportunidades maravilhosas, queria muito mesmo ir nesse show . Clip a melhor rádio ♥

    • I always love your parties…the features are great! Eggnog Biscotti….yum! And Ruby Jean's man wreath…love it! Thanks so much for hosting Kim! XO, Aimee

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    • Is that oblong with the mushrooms printed on it in your second photo a business card holder? It’s adorable!I’d like the bow purse because I like bright colors and bold shapes, and my current purse is a black rectangle–functional and work-appropriate, but something snazzier for the weekend or evenings would be more fun!

    • #78 Bystander: Cavan Town is a very nice town, well maintained located etc. And you are right I forgot there is a bus to Dublin, and with the new highways it is direct run right into Dublin. I remember years ago the ride from Dublin to Cavan or vice versa was a long slog. And of course if you are in Cavan and going to Dublin, you always say you are going up to Dublin, even though you are going down to Dublin!!!

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    • Die Idee ist sehr schön. Demnächst werde ich an meinem eigenen Blog ein wenig rumbauen :)Auf jeden Fall eine gute Ideenquelle.

    • My favorite Rio crime story: A few years ago while at the height of his (steroid-assisted) powers, the fearsome mixed martial artist Vanderlei Silva, known as "the axe murderer" (and he looked the part) was carjacked while driving his SUV in Rio. Hmm. What chance do the rest of us have? The police down there have long been rumored to make periodic trips into the favelas to simply kill people thought to be criminals. Who knows, maybe the Games organizers are planning to get those guys geared up before 2016.

    • civilization will collapse in the next few weeks5. Neither planes in the air nor ships at sea can safely follow their charted courses without the aid of a lighted statue of the Angel Moroni on top of one temple or another

    • Ех, скільки ще наївних романтиків в Україні… І хто сказав, що люди їдуть туди на все готове? Хто для них там щось приготував? Люди їдуть працювати, бо тут їхній труд ніхто не цінує.

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    • I tried to leave this comment at lunch time but it kept taking me back to sign in again and again.I was worried Mandy that you'd end up with 25 comments all off me!Anyways…YOU are far too talented Mrs!! Your copic colouring is amazing and especially the hair!Glad you could use the hanglar too.Love Elaine xx

    • Totally weird! Was thinking, maybe there was moisture behind the paint, and it is drying out now in the ac, or the metal expanding in temp changes? Love your office! And the basket is amazing!!

    • I don’t think Dershowitz was as ‘meek and vapid’ on this issue years ago, though he certainly swung hard to the right in recent years. He may have swung so hard that he scared himself. Or the thuggishness he denounced at the Jeruslaem Post conference may have shaken him up a bit, caused him to look in the mirror. Or at his erstwhile comrades-in -arms.

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    • Tolle Idee Katharina, und die Frühlingsfarben erfrischen mich grad 🙂 Toll auch das dekorierte Glas. Ganz Katharina-Stil, gefällt mir sehr! Mit den Klammern geht einem wohl wirklich nichts mehr unter. Danke für's Zeigen! Angie

    • W MaÅ‚opolsce kremówka to zdaje siÄ™ warszawska napoleonka, czyli ciasto francuskie z kremem budyniowym, bez masÅ‚a, a kremówka u nas to masa budyniowa, ale zmiksowana z masÅ‚em. Uczono mnie, że różnice regionalne tak przebiegajÄ…, ale teraz to już nie wiem 😉

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    • I went today, and met Maxi at the wave pool. we reeeaaaalllly conected. I touched her litterally inside and out at the pool if you know what I mean, in the wave pool. I love the Wave Pool!!!!!

    • Right now, my favorite way to sweat has been running! I’m currently training to *hopefully* place in a 5K for Melanoma Research in memory of my Dad who passed away in December. Needless to say, my workout intensity has upped quite a bit lately and my legs could use some foam rolling!

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    • The problem with wordpress is that the thumbnails are too small, so the page looks ugly if I use them. (ie: they are postage stamp size)I’ll try to change this, though….it’s a new server and I am still figuring some stuff out. Hang in there!

    • Yay I get a shout out! It was fun indeed. I don't think I'm going to make it to Sarah Smith's signing either unfortunately. If you do go, have fun! Happy reading 🙂

    • Esa afición tuya de no dejar títere sin cabeza que tanto nos gusta a muchos, de dejar las verdades en el escaparate a la vista de todos, va a hacer que tengas que contratar o un buen abogado o unos buenos guardaespaldas que cuiden tu físico. Pero personalmente me gusta lo que haces y como lo haces, no dejes de dar “caña”

    • Även jag har missat serien sÃ¥ du är inte ensam. Har dock sett nÃ¥gra avsnitt i vinter sÃ¥ man Ã¥ngrar att man inte följt serien frÃ¥n början. Trodde dock att en serie med ett sÃ¥dant namn kanske handlade om andra saker…Dock har jag sett alla avsnitt av serien Sopranos, tvÃ¥ gÃ¥nger dessutom. Mumma!

    • Well said my friend. Certainly, my experience yesterday was part spectator since I can not begin to imagine the wave of emotions that poured through the African American community. But even as a spectator, I was caught up in that wave, and proud to be American for the first time in a VERY long time.

    • Clark: “To judge Dylan’s newest album after one week of release is ridiculous”Yes, and I make pretty much the same point in my review. “I am pretty sure that “Another Side” was panned by the critics at the time of its release”I don’t think it was, actually.” A hundred years from now will be the time to put Dylan’s body of work in perspective. ”Yes, but if we took that line then no reviews would be written. My article was titled ‘First Impressions’. Wasn’t that clear enough for you?

    • Just to clarify: Are you suggesting Palestine is Jordan or just those Palestinian nationals who resided there between those 5 years after being ethnically cleansed out their homeland by zionist terrorist gangs?

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    • Hi Florin,There’re some plans to repeat the session in the Netherlands/Belgium and maybe on one of the big events (IOUG, ODTUG, OOW) in 2008…But can’t promise anything yet ;-)Dimitri

    • So glad it struck a chord for you, Anne. I think a lot of what I have written there, we all know, in a way, but don’t always think about it, or play around with the ideas of applying it. Have fun with your stories, I’ll look forward to reading them.

    • Jean: Ok, I’ll tell you. Because my Grandmother thought there was a baby under my bed, I told her to slide a bowl of water under it in case I was late getting home. Why? So the poor little baby would have something to drink:smile:

    • Gibt es eigentlich noch den Mc Rip bei Mc Donalds ? Antworten aus allen Bundesländern Deutschlands sind willkommen. Danke für eure Mühe im voraus.PS:Ich frage deshalb nur,weil es hier in österreich keinen “Mc Rib” gibt.

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    • Du kan nämna vad du vill här. 😉 Men sossarna vill stoppa friskolor för att dom vill behÃ¥lla kontrollen över allt. FP vil stoppa det för att hindra islamisterna frÃ¥n att hjärntvätta smÃ¥ barn.Det är en betydande skillnad. Personligen har jag ALLTID varit emot friskolor. Men inte röstar jag pÃ¥ sossarna för det. Allt annat de stÃ¥r för är skit ju. Massinvandring, bidrag, bidrag, bidrag….

    • I use my credit card for every purchase as long as it is over $2.00 Miles baby! I use it for medical bills but I live in Bismarck and Medcenter One here allows it.

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    • January 3, 2012I agree that being associated with a university gives it more credit. I am hopeful that the research to be done on humans will be well-controlled because a university will have oversight. In any case, if it ends up being a “by prescription only” drug then I wouldn’t expect to see it in the USA for at least five years.

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    • The article's conclusion does have a point — merely being poor doesn't imply bad genes even if they are correlated. A better way to do it would be to submit everyone to IQ and personality tests and create a family profile, then tabulate the odds of offspring being 'trouble'. The only problem with it is ending up with high-IQ eloi as a result.

    • My girls like this one, but I just can’t get too excited about it. It seems like you can almost always get the resource you need. It all just kind of rubs me the wrong way.

    • Anti-Homosexuality Bill Still On Deck November 28, 2012 By Warren Leave a Comment As noted yesterday, MPs find themselves embroiled in a contentious fight over a clause in one of the petroleum bills.

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    • Missing you every second Kaelin. Looking forward to being there. You are doing a great job. I can’t imagine being as brave as you are, keep up the fight.

    • BorisI just got back from Cuba where I bought a can of coke at the shrine of Che Guevara. Standing in the shadow of a twenty metre monument constructed over his grave, I had to be impressed. The eternal revolution of the working man, a missile crisis and 60 years of trade embargos are no match for a little red and white can of American imperialism. Happy trailsDes

    • I am not really worried about the pig flu.Entire industries are waiting for the BIG ONE.West Nile? fizzled.Bird flue? nopeAids is for the most part a disease of gays and drug users and even though they keep adding to it’s definition to increase the number of people with the disease and to make it more mainstream, it has not become the big killer they wanted.So follow the money.Government will get more control in the emergency.The media will get a bigger audience.Drug companies will sell more drugs.

    • Liverpool are a massive club and will be for a long while. However it is reasonably clear that Spurs are on the up and growing, while Liverpool have already peaked and seem to be on a gradual decline. The go-ahead on Spurs' new stadium is imminent and this will open up new larger revenue streams to them. I would imagine that Sigurdsson was also told of Spurs' transfer plans for this Summer and was impressed by those. The fact that Liverpool couldn't compete with Spurs in terms of wages would be an indication that Liverpool also wouldn't be able to compete with Spurs in general for players this Summer.

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    • (100) Clot (prior thread)I expect them to try. I really do. I even implied that I expected it. But they are aware that they’d be kissing off an overcollateralized loan from borrowers in the demographic that they want. And if they want to do that, fine, I’ll name names and move on to a less sleazy outlet. Hasn’t really been any sweat off my back thus far.

    • Jeanette, Latæ and Ferendæ Sententiæ are not so much the “kind” of excommunication but rather more how the excommunication is incurred. How the excommunication is incurred is is a lot different than “major and minor”.

    • Omg these are awesome! Since I’m heading to grad school in one month [yikes!!] I having been stocking up on cute office supplies and this will have to be added to the list. I go through sticky notes and the like more than I go through … anything really.

    • hi – Meow! Moon just went to the vet two weeks ago and he weighs a whooping 24 pounds!!He is a big boy, and is on a diet now. The vet would like to see him get down to 20 pounds!

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    • that. I didn't know we were playing tit for tat. Maybe I don't share the same fascination with child gang-rapes that you do. We all know whites would NEVER rape anyone, wait what happened to Mrs Recy Taylor………. if you want I'm sure you can google some info about white gang-rapists if that's your thing, I'm kinda not into that kinda stuff but I'm not judging.

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    • This sounds so flavorful–I just need to keep my eye out for some cheap macadamia nuts because they cost an arm and a leg around here!! Thanks for sharing

    • I live 20 mins from Bolivar, Missouri. For anyone that is not too familiar with southern Missouri its a big ccw area. MO also does not recognized private property gun free zones. So any non federal building these signs are complete ignored, as you can only get a trespassing ticket if they ask you to leave and you don’t. The article is correct though B&B does have a no gun policy but I would be surprised in a full theater if there is not at least one person carrying.

    • So, if I understood that correctly, you aren’t rendering in 4k at all? Or you mean, you’re rendering in 4k and just releasing frames? It’ll be sad if you don’t release 4k frames as I was looking forward to putting together a demo pack for Sony’s new TV’s! 🙁 Oh well :PJosh

    • pour être honnête, ils n'ont customisé qu'un peu le mur de la salle de bain@Heidi:ah mais je sais! Je ne m'inquiète pas!! Je râle juste!@Marie: t'inquiète, je filme ou je prends des photos de tout ça, ça constitue un bon dossier à ressortir le jour de leur mariage, devant toue la famille :D@Eric: Oui, bizarrement, les profs ont horreur du vide…

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    • I must admit Steve, I am a bit of am amateur, I only learnt to ride out here so I don’t have a bike license (uk). I have only been up to a Ninja 250, and if I’m honest the power of those big bikes is thrilling but scary…which is why it is on my to do list for the next life I really like the new CBR 250. lovely looking bike. I really want a bike but then keep seeing all these accidents on the tv here and it puts me off…it’s not me I worry about, it’s the other nuttas on the road!  TheThailandLife

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    • Knaill stilige bilda:) Jeg har ikke Macro linse ejeg,men har tatt humle-bildene med ei 50-200 linse tror jeg det er. Det er tÃ¥lmodighet som gjorde bildene:) TRor ike jeg har sett et dÃ¥rlig bilde av Rebecca jeg!!!! Ha en fin kveld i varmen:) Klem Eva


    • Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    • A aparut interviul…./ Vroiam sa iti zic ca mi-a placut si ca ai un mod frumos de raspunde sincer si direct. M-a distrat foarte mult intrebarea cu bataia…ma gandeam ca o sa zici ca de batut nu ti-a venit, insa de aruncat tava cu tequila dupa ei…..well…… ai visat de cateva ori succes in continuare ca faci treaba buna /

    • Seriously? You would advocate the church banning names? So much for the admonition by the Prophet Joseph Smith: “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.”

    • Haha I love those! Thanks. I especially like #4…I think I might try that. And I do love me some “On the Floor” (Pitbull and J.Lo). I don’t think I can do without TV, though. One thing that actually works for me sometimes is alternating writing an article with watching a show. The show is like a reward for getting some work done. That only works when I have a certain level of motivation, though.

    • . The length of a story is the subject of my next Friday blog – I think I’ll use some of what you said to highlight a few points. Better still, I think I’ll get you to share the blog! Are you up for it?

    • Donc il faut aussi respecter mon droit à créer des images.Si l’image que je créé ne te convient pas, pourquoi la regardes-tu ?Ce que tu proposes est une limitation de ma liberté, pas une mesure de respect. Ce n’est pas parce que quelqu’un ne mange pas du porc que je vais me priver de manger du pâté chez moi. Par contre, je ne vais pas le faire devant lui, car ce serait de l’irrespect effectivement.

    • Hei igjen.Bare innom for takke for en hyggelig felles middag i Cascais, liker “takhøyden” dere seilere imellom.Hyggelig var det ogsÃ¥ Ã¥ ta gummiella ut til Leahnis og Honningpupp senere pÃ¥ kvelden, der seilhistorier og vanlige kvelds skrøner fortsatte til sene natten:-)Veldig kjekt Ã¥ hilse pÃ¥ dere alle sammen.Ønsker dere alle en fortsatt trygg og fin seilas videre.

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    • While sitting here reading this, my caretaker, Mario (from Ischia), just walked into my Connecticut kitchen with a tupperware of baked stuffed zucchini from his wife Anna. Stuffed with a lovely light tomato risotto, basil and parmesan and mozzarella cheeses with some fresh breadcrumb on the top. It sounds heavy, but she has a very light touch. Deelish!

    • I think I actually meant “dialectic” but I realize now that “dialogue” is more appropriate. Nothing like a blog for precisely written prose, huh?“Thusly he may prove compatible with the capricious Bird of the Khorasan, as well as with The Destroyer of the Bodies (if he will descend, verily, from the three-point line), so that we may hope for the Albedo that lies beyond this Nigredo-Putrefactio.”This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say all along! Someone finally understands.

    • , i've been disgusted with discovery ever since they announced plans for sarah palin's alaska show and those as ab would say–turbo breeders–who keep having kids with the letter J? i think he was talking about them. what they are doing is child abuse. their kids are raising each other, and they keep pushing them's gross.

    • De Jacques Pierre Amette, je n’ai lu que « La Maitresse de Brecht ». Un fort beau livre qui m’a touché au coeur.Malgré ma tripe méditerranéenne, solaire et volontiers exclusive d’un point de vue météorologie, j’économise dès aujourd’hui pour financer son ouvrage sur les émotions en pays et rivages bretons.Si différents des nôtres, que ça nous fait peur, parfois …

    • > Also, what is important, IMO, is not, the "be nice" meme, but the anti-hierarchical, anti-authority, anti-propertarian memes which allow the network to evolve in the most ruthless, irresponsible, power-mad direction possible. It shouldn't surprise anyone that these should be attached to the near universal "be charitable" meme as a form of camouflage.Josh, fair point for sure. Pretty convincing, I have to admit.

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    • Siina, kiitos kehuista. Aihe on selvästi tärkeämpi kuin kreationistien temppuilu. Kreationistit voivat pilata lasten koulutuksen, mutta anti-vaccinistit voivat pilata lapsen elämän.Paul Offitin kirja tulee seuraavan kilpailun palkinnoksi, joten kannattaa seurata blogia.

    • disse: “sobre os transgénicos, tenho dúvidas”e a quem? interessam? as duvidas? pessoais? de cada um?Talvez queiramos, sim, certezas cientificas, racionais, sobre a forma como as manipulações geneticas afectam a colectividade

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    • / Olá Patrícia, tudo bem ?Você consegue remover a marcação a publicação do seu mural, mas não consegue excluir a publicação (já que ela não é sua)Veja nosso post sobre isso: Qualquer dúvida estamos à disposição!

    • I thought Dave Core’s suggestions of where to find that $100,000 were good — don’t resurface tennis courts that don’t need it this year, and don’t create an 8-space parking lot for $50K at a small park when they can use an adjacent church parking lot.

    • That’s funny Jim, I talked about my daughter spelling today too. It’s tough being on the road for long stretches, especially in this weather.Thanks for the mention, and enjoy your weekend!

    • Grace in small things. It is something I struggle with. The daily details and accumulation of “musts” so often topple awareness of really matters.In the aftermath of Sandy, I think many of us focus on the essentials. It doesn’t eliminate awareness of the other burdens – many of which are real and formidable – but it certainly lessens their stature, leaving them a more manageable size.Glad you weathered the storm.Beautiful words.

    • I guess I am just becoming an angry old man. If Dalton McGuinty were to suddenly appear in my presence right now, I would probably beat the living crap out of him for being such a scum-sucking-bottom-feeder. What that man has done to the province and people of Ontario is beyond criminal! I do not consider him to be a “lame-duck” premier. I do not consider him to be premier. He is about as useful as an udder on a bull. And the same goes for all elected Liberal MPPs….every last entitled one of the bastards.

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    • Nunca me gustó el metal gear solid.. pero hay una cosa clara: videojuego al cine = basura 89% de posibilidades.. hay algunos juegos con historia guapa que podría ser pasada al cine (Max Payne por ejemplo) pero juegos de este tipo lo único ue consigues es que la gente piense que los videojuesgos son mierda cuyo único objetivo es: matar matar matar matar..

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    • Ce serait une excellente occasion de découvrir la littérature de ce pays. Et c'est scandaleux que l'on passe Haïti sous silence au bénéfice des USA. Evidemment ils n'ont pas le même impact sur la politique mondiale, et alors ?? Humainement c'est pareil.

    • C’est le côté artiste ça. Dire ou faire des choses qui peuvent être choquantes pour éclairer une situation, la mettre en relief et « brasser la cage ».

    • Silloin kun viela itse asuin Suomessa, oli yksi kantapaikoistani Bhaan Thai Turussa. Aivan ihanaa ruokaa, ja varsin kohtuuhintaista. Mukavaa siis, etta Noorakin on loytanyt ihanan Thai-ruuan.

    • a sitting Imposter until he proves he's eligible (which he hasn't done to this point and is pointedly avoiding doing). He's an obvious fraud. If your kid was hiding something behind his back and you confronted him on it – you'd know he was lying if he told you he wasn't hiding anything. There needs to be a special prosecutor appointed and when it is found that the fraud doesn't have any papers – HE SHOULD BE REMOVED NOT IMPEACHED. He's NOT a president if he's there illegally.ELmo

    • Bài Always on My Mind, mình lại thích Willie Nelson hÆ¡n. Nghe cái giọng Willie Nelson buồn buồn, dường nhÆ° Ä‘ang chán đời vậy…nghe làm cho người chán theo hehehe.Boys 2 Men có nhiều bài hay lắm. Nhạc Boys 2 Men là thời 90′s. Lúc đó bên Mỹ, ai cÅ©ng nghe và rất là nổi tiếng 1 thời.

    • Oi Paty! Nossa como eu gostei desse seu recadinho! Tão carinhoso =)))) Obrigada mesmo. É semprebom receber elogios assim e saber que estamos cumprindo nossa função!Conte conosco sempre=***

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    • Cara Cristina,Na minha perspectiva este movimento convergente não teve início com Merkel e Medvdev, mas sim entre Schroeder e Putin.Na minha opinião o que estamos a assistir é a um lento evoluir das relações entre ambos os países.Se Medvedev sair e se por acaso Putin fôr de novo para lá, nada mudará, pois ambos têm seguido esta política.Cumrimentos,PortugueseMan

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    • that it can actually be harmful to her. Then again it’s been two years since I played Torment. The problem with “good answers equal sex’ is that in most rpgs those good answers boil down only to being sympathetic with the characters and helping them solve their problems. Nothing else is required in order to develop a romantic relationship.

    • Yousef | (18:45) Park Riot Control (Blog), College Sports, Maryland Terps | 0 comments As you may know, in my last post, I sutegsegd that current assistant coach Robert Ehsan be promoted to head coach. a0In the past

    • I watch WHLA – LaCrosse WI. They only air Sewing With Nancy and Fons & Porter. I wonder if they think Nancy is the only sewing show they need since Nancy originates in WI. Little do they know….I also am very disappointed in HGTV and DIY. They used to have quite a few good sewing/crafting shows but their focus seemed to changed. I wish they would go back to what drew me there years ago.

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    • I love Shutterfly! I have a few photo books I made on their site and they turned out beautifully. I love the emails for free 4×6 prints, too. They always come in handy!

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    • I just caught the update on this story. So…dude has an Argentinian girlfriend. I'm only surprised that there wasn't another man involved, or drugs even. What does a woman do to make a man leave his family for 7 days and over Father's Day weekend at that?? …Something tells me I'm doing something waaaay wrong.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. If the MSM had made a non biased investigation into Obama, he never would have been elected. Malpractice by the media is the main reason for much of the trouble today and their only punishment is eroding ratings.

    • Hi Dormouse – thanks for sharing your walk in faith – I had a similar experience to yours at Woolhouse – the church was divided peoples true colours showed and then I found the Baptist church and was baptised in 1999. Isn’t it surprising how many people help you on your journey and you don’t always realise it until you look back! Betty (mrsyappydog)

    • « Bien que ne recherchant pas la performance, nous ne pouvons vous cacher que ce genre de défis, un peu idiot peut être, nous plait ! »

    • Way Herb… glad you enjoyed The 2011 Deep Ellum Arts Festival!! I was there all weekend and had a blast myself, is that where you found out about Deep Ellum Social?

    • Oh that’s too funny. I’m not privy to the latest slang, being another empty nester. My granddaughter cracks me up, though. Whenever I accidentally do something cool, she’s the first to jump up & shout, “ROCK ON, Gigi!!” Apparently I’m the bomb around here:-)Or is that passe? heehee….Vickis last blog post..

    • Invaders, el Flickies’ Island es el Sonic 3D, no un spin off de Sonic.Galious, en lo de “la portátil devorapilas de SEGA” también deberías haber tachado lo de ‘portátil’, porque la jodida era grande con ganas.Y el Luigi’s Mansion es un juego que se debería reivindicar, ya que personalmente creo que es mil veces mejor que muchos de Mario, como el Sunshine por ejemplo. Que no es que no me gustara, pero es que el de su hermano me pareció bastante mejor.

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    • For some reason this reminds me of what I used to do with son Joel, when he would rant about something that was so horrible. I’d stop what I was doing, placidly look him in the eye and say “Oh.” Since he saw that I was listening, it made him reconsider the gravity of the situation. Learned it in a Co-Counseling class…

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